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(US-PSYCHEDELIC) (MP3 @ 224, Artwork included)

The Lost was formed 1964 by Ted Myers (vocals, guitars), Willie Alexander (vocals, organ), Walter Powers (bass) while they were attending Goddard College in Vermont. They later moved to Boston and added Kyle Garrahan (vocals, lead guitars) and Lee Mason (drums). (Walter Powers and Willie Alexander joined The Velvet Underground in 1971 under Doug Yule, replacing Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison). The Lost sides here are from an unreleased collection of their Capitol recordings made between August and December 1965, with the exception of a few A & B-sides of three singles they put out in 1965 and 1966.

Chamaeleon Church was formed by Lost co-founder Ted Myers in early 1968 after The Lost broke up. He brought in Lost co-member Kyle Garrahan, the folk artist Tony Scheuren (vocals, guitars) and Chevy Chase (vocals, drums, piano). The band was located in New York and only recorded one album in late 1968 / early 1969 before disbanding. Chevy Chase later became a famous comedian/actor. (He also featured in Paul Simon's videoclip to "You can call me Al", 1986).

The Bagatelle was started as a trio by The Lost drummer Lee Mason and was expanded by the legendary producer Tom Wilson (Dylan, Zappa) into an interracial group of nine members which included flute player Steve Schrell. The Lost co-founder Willie Alexander later joined the band and recorded two songs in 1968. One of them "Everybody Knows", was already recorded with the Lost in 1965, Alexander recorded this song for the third time in 1978 with his Boom Boom Band (all three versions are included in this compilation).

Ultimate Spinach III was formed 1968 with Barbara Jean Hudson on vocals (who recorded on the first Ultimate Spinach albums already), Russ Levine on drums (he already recorded with the second Spinach group), Tony Scheuren (vocals, guitars, ex-Chamaeleon Church), Mike Levine (bass) and the great Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (lead guitars, ex-Faith). After Ultimate Spinach broke up Baxter went on to play with Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers. Ted Myers moved to California to pursue a songwriting career before becoming an A&R Director. Two cuts from the Spinach III on this album: "Back Door Blues" (with Baxter on vocals), a song Ted Myers originally wrote and recorded three years earlier for The Lost and the song "Happiness, Child" (with Tony Scheuren on vocals), which Ted originally also wrote for The Lost, demo-recorded it with Chamaeleon Church and finally master-recorded with Ultimate Spinach III.

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