Sonntag, Juli 16, 2006

MP3 @ 320, Vinyl Rip

Ancient China Melodies was performed by the
Grand Chinese Orchestra conducted by Cheng
Si-Sum. Sadly I do not have any information
about the recording/releasing date (the sleeve
and label doesn't mention anything either).
Lyrichord doesn't have this album in their online
catalogue anymore, also seems like this has not
been re-issued on CD.
The album contains 3 pieces, for more information
about them please read the sleevenotes which I
added in a txt file to the archive.
Ripped from vinyl, so no crystal-clear quality,

yet enjoyable and recommended for lovers of asian
folk and symphonic music !

pw: radiowaves66


Blogger zadarbj said...

Great disc. Greetings!!

1:09 nachm.  

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