Montag, Juli 10, 2006

Locomotiv GT was formed January 1971 in Budapest by ex-OMEGA member Gábor Presser (vocals, organ, piano) and Károly Frenreisz (bass, saxophones, flute) (ex-METRO), both leaving their bands because they want to play a new kind of music. Tamás Barta (ex-HUNGARIA) on guitars. Presser can convince OMEGA drummer József Laux to join his new band, Laux's wife Anna Adamis (lyric writer, also from OMEGA) becomes the fifth member in LGT. OMEGA found in László Benkö (organ, synthesizers) and Ferenc Debreceni (drums) new members and the classic 2nd line-up was born, which still remains the same. The change in the band also opened new directions, their sound became more harder and they recorded remarkable progressive rock albums. But that's another story, back to LGT...
They give their debut concert in July 1971, in September their first single was released ("Boldog vagyok" / "Ha volna szived"). In November they perform at the "World Popular Song Festival" in Tokyo, Japan. A month later their debut LP "Locomotiv GT" is out. They gain international success, Mai 1972 performing at the "Great Western Express Festival" in England. Autumn '72 the second album "Ringasd el magad" was released. This was the last album with Frenreisz, he is leaving to form a new group (SKORPIO, a band that will play more hard rock), he was replaced by Tamás Somló who gives his debut with the band on the 3rd album "Bummm (1973). In 1974 the band is touring in the USA, in Los Angeles they record an album, which was only released in 1988. Their 4th hungarian album "Mindig magasabbra" (1975) was recorded after another line-up change: Barta is leaving, new guitar player is János Karácsony. 1976 release of the double album "LGT V." which contains fake live recordings on the fourth record side (studio recordings overdubbed with applause). In the same year Laux is moving to the US, the new drummer is János Solti, who plays on the 1977 album "Mindenki másképp csinálja-Zene". This last line up (Presser, Somló, Karácsony & Solti) will remain until the end of the 90's. As far as I know the band is still active (not sure about the current line-up)and each member released solo albums. The music style is hard to discribe since they mixed many music styles. The early works are more progressive, but different to the sound of OMEGA.
I will post the early albums here so make your own oppinion ! Please leave your thoughts, doesn't matter if they're positive or negative. Thanks !