Sonntag, Juli 09, 2006

Hi Folks !
I started this blog just a few days ago after I discovered some real fine music here (Chris Goes Rock, Ezhevika Fields, 8 Days in April, Prog not Frog, Chocoreve and Cities on Flame). And I guess there are many more great blogs around here ! I hope you will find here something interesting too. I will add more albums soon so check back ! Oh and please leave a comment if you like (or don't like) something.
Peace !


Blogger mad4music said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog via Ezhevika Fields. It looks like you have some very interesting music to share. I'm looking forward to giving it a listen.

Give a listen to my Sixties/Psych music podcasts at

I think you will enjoy them!

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

hello.thanks for share good music
Cheers from Chile

5:02 AM  
Blogger radiowaves said...

Thanks for the link mad4music, I checked and it looks/sounds promising !

Greeting to Chile, Ricardo !

6:43 AM  
Blogger PROGHOG said...

hello from the USA thanks for sharing

9:14 AM  
Blogger Johnny Roberts said...

keep on sharing mate, all is fine here..;-)

8:07 PM  

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