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Each of the three CDs in this set is devoted to an
important Japanese instrument:
The SHAMISEN, a long-necked lute with three
strings, arrived in Japan from China at the end
of the sixteenth century. Is is used for popular
music, as well as for theatrical forms.
The works on this recording presents the
many styles of music that are played on
The SHAKUHACHI, an end-blown notched
flute with five finger-holes, was imported to
Japan from China in the eighth century.
Typical of the SHAKUHACHI is the fact that
it enables the player to imitate other sounds,
such as animal and insect noises and the
sighing of the wind.
The KOTO, which arrived in Japan from China
at just before the beginning of the eighth century,
is a long zither with movable frets. Its body is
made of kiri wood (Paulownia imperialis) and
the most common type has thirteen strings, but
there are also instruments with seventeen, twenty,
or even thirty strings. The father of modern koto
playing was Yatsuhashi Kengyo (1614-1685), one
of whose compositions is heard on this album.
The finest exponents of each of these three
instruments demonstrate the beauty of their
repertoires - music full of the serene atmosphere
we associate with the Land of the Rising Sun.

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