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German Prog/Psychedelic, MP3 @ 256

Contrary to other bands produced by the famous Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Guru Guru and many others),
Nosferatu's musical career was very short and suffered of a lack of
recognition by a larger public. Almost nothing is said about their history and the only thing we have from them is a fresh, enthousiastic, atypical jazzy rock album dominated by raw, aggressive guitars and progressive "folk" arrangements. Nosferatu belongs to this kind of German bands who success to create a deep and trippy atmosphere thanks to fine moments of long instrumental solos, crossing with an original touch guitars to sax, flute and electric organs. The lyrics are sung in english and stay very strong. An enjoyable effort which can be compared with other "cult" German fusion items.
Similar bands: Dzyan, Xhol, Sameti, Out of Focus.

Michael Thierfelder - lead vocals
Michael Meixner - electric guitar
Michael Kessler - bass
Christian Felke - saxophone, flute
Reinhard Grohé - organ
Byally Braumann - drums


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Anonymous Bernd said...

This band was from Frankfurt. I saw them first in Dreieich (my hometown near Frankfurt) in early 1969. I remember they were dressed in hippie clothes which was unusal in our town then. I liked their music right from the beginning. Around March 1970 I saw them again, this time in Frankfurt. They played at a rock competition which they won. They were rewarded with the record contract. They made the recording in Cologne. The record did not sell very well because they hardly did any tours in Germany. Only in the Rhein-Main area (Frankfurt/Wiesbaden), Heidelberg and Munich (where they played in a club for 3 nights) their record was sold. Later they changed their name to Ambra and moved to the countryside as a commune. They split up around 71/72. Their drummer died in the mid 70s from a shock he suffered by touching the electric guitar and a lamp at the same time. Michael Meixner became the co-founder of the hard rock cafe in Frankfurt in 1978. Have a look at for Christians current band.

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