Samstag, Dezember 16, 2006


Sadly the albums were deleted from Rapidshare because they were not downloaded for a longer period.
You could support me about this problem by adding my blog to your links, I would really appreciate any help !
Of course I will add your link as well, just leave me a comment. Thanks

Kovács Kati - Kovács Kati (1973)
Locomotiv GT - Ringasd el magad (1972)
Locomotiv GT - Bummm! (1973)
Locomotiv GT - '74 USA (1974)

password: radiowaves66


Anonymous Anonym said...

Dear RW66!
Can you re-upload Locomotiv GT's debut album (1971)?
Anyway, thanks a lot for these links (I'm mainly interested in the 70-80's Hungarian early progrock and jazz albums: LGT, Skorpió, East, Syrius, Omega...)

12:01 nachm.  
Anonymous spikedcandy said...

Thanks so much :). I've added a link on my blog to yours. I'd planned to do a post on one Kati Kovacs/LGT song I had, so when I do I'll be sure to link back to this post as well.

6:06 vorm.  
Blogger radiowaves said...

Thanks for your help ! I added your link too. Your blog is very interesting by the way.
Cheers !

5:25 nachm.  
Anonymous Lolo said...

hi! i recently discovered your blog through spiked candy. I tried downloading the kovacs kati album but it says I need a password. Would you mind letting me know what it is?
Thanks so much! I just started a blog and I will make sure to link to you.
Thanks again,

1:22 vorm.  

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