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A Collection of unreleased material from 1970-72
Hungarian Progressive/Jazz Rock, MP3 @ 224

Formed in 1962. Syrius moved to Australia in 1970, where they recorded most of their material. Their first LP "Devil's Masquerade" was recorded and released in Australia in 1971, one year later also released in their home country Hungary, but only in a limited amount of copies. After returning to Hungary the band hoped to be able to release more albums, which sadly turned out problematic. Their 33 minute suite "Széttört Álmok" was never officially released, only live performances were aired on radio. In 1976 the band finally released another album called "Széttört Álmok", but the title track in not the suite track ! This collection offers a complete live performance from 1970 of the original track, among a few english recordings the band made in Australia in 1971.

English recordings, Australia 1971
1.Take 2 Signature (Syrius)
2.I'm a Man (London/McDaniel/Morganfield)
3.Manic Depression (Hendrix)
4.Fixin' a Hole (Lennon/McCartney)
5.Who is the Clown (Syrius)

Live recording, Budapest, Hungary 1970
6.Széttört Álmok (Broken Dreams)
a) Elfáradtam (I am tired)
b) Földalól jövö ének (Singing coming from the Underground)
c) A vámpir (The vampire)
d) Örvény (Maelstrom)
e) Virágtánc (Flowerdance)

Rehearsal, Bercsényi Klub, Budapest, Hungary 1972
7.Most,Múlt,Lesz (Present,Past,Future)

I added a bonus track, which originally didn't appear in this collection,
a live Frank Zappa coverversion of "What's the Ugliest Part of your Body ?",
recorded on the 27th August 1973 in Hungary.

Part 1 Part 2
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